Hard to describe Frank.

He-Ate-Us Meme:
[2/2] Guest Stars/Minor charactersPeter Bernardone played by Jeremy Davies


Sam McKinniss,Ghost Party II, 2014

Mork on love.


delete this fucking video

I see family

Thank you guys, so much. And everyone else who sent me nice things. I feel ridiculous replying to these because I don’t know what else I can say except thank you, but I don’t want you to think I don’t appreciate you taking the time to help me, because I do. I appreciate it so much. I’ve never really felt good talking about these kind of things though, and I’ll probably delete all of these posts soon so I can think about something else for a bit. But honestly you guys are the best, I love you all.

ohyeahfannibal replied to your post: “My dad tried to kill himself this morning. Overdose,…”:
Are you okay? Is there someone you can talk to about this?

Not really, but I wouldn’t know what to say anyway. Thanks, though.

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After centuries, these humans have tried so hard to prove that all men are created equal, it’s kind of nice to know they’re still working at it.

Mork on equality.